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We have been building websites since 2005 and in this time we have seen many changes in website building software. The most noticeable development has been the adoption of WordPress to the point where it is used for almost one third of the websites in the world today.

We joined this revolution in 2010 and have learned how to get the best from WordPress and how to choose the best themes and hosting for WordPress.

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WordPress Website Design & Maintenance Plans

WordPress Website Design has become so popular that it will also be a focus for hackers and therefore security measures and monitoring is of the utmost importance if you own a WordPress website. That’s why we provide WordPress website support services to new and existing clients. It is an essential part of having a WordPress website and at the very least, you should install a security plugin that will notify you of vulnerabilities and suggest actions for you to take. If you don’t have the time or skill to carry out these suggested actions yourself then you need to have a budget for a WordPress website support services provider.

In fact we are no longer willing to host a WordPress site that does not take out a Website Care Plan with us. If you do not wish to take out a care plan, we can still build it for you, and then hand it back to you to place on a web server other than ours.

See our article on why a WordPress website requires support services.

WordPress Support Services

Designing a website with WordPress

Our business has been primarily website design over the years and we have learned what works best and what pitfalls to avoid. The WordPress themes we use are chosen very carefully with after-build ease of use and support in mind. 

Sometimes new clients come to us with a theme that they suggest, or worse still a site that they have already built with a theme of their choice and they want us to enhance, improve or scale it.

Quite often we have to disappoint them, by telling them the theme they have chosen makes it almost impossible to achieve this and that it requires a re-design with a different theme and a different approach.

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WordPress Website Care Plans

We provide WordPress website support services to existing and new clients as an essential requirement to keep their website software and plugins up to date, their website backed up in case of disaster and as safe as possible. We have general Website Care Plans to choose from, however we can tailor plans to your needs if one of our existing plans does not fit.

Our design process includes a live version of your website that can be privately viewed by you and other decision makers. We find that customers find this approach to be really beneficial in terms of being able to decide on approval or review at the end of various design stages

Why have a plan?

Website Care Plans Q&A

In a nutshell, WordPress is web software that assists in the creation of websites. It offers a nice balance of content management features and backend technologies to satisfy both end users (our clients) and web developers. Rather than reinventing the wheel, WordPress gives us a great, extendable framework from which to build beautiful, feature-rich sites for our clients that they can maintain themselves or allow us to serve them further with ongoing Website Care Services.

WordPress is software that is used to build and operate websites. As such, it needs to be updated to patch discovered vulnerabilities, fix bugs, and maintain functionality.

It’s basically the same concept as your computer — you have to keep it up-to-date to protect yourself and gain new features. If you don’t, you are subject to hackers, malware and other intrusions.

With Optimum’s Website Care Plans, you need not worry about any of these issues because we test, install, and troubleshoot every update that becomes available for your website.

Yes you can cancel at any time you wish.

We accept direct debit or monthly subscription payments via credit card.