Responsive Web Design for Tullamore Business

Responsive web design is a single version of your website that will adapt to the size of screen, it is being viewed in. As technology continues to evolve and mobile devices become a bigger part of our lives we have to contend with endless new resolutions and device sizes. In a difficult time for businesses, the idea of losing mobile visitors to your website, because they move on to your competitor’s mobile friendly site, is not something we can afford to let happen.

Fully Responsive Website Re-Design for JD Scanlon & Co. Solicitors Tullamore, Co. Offaly

AScanlons recent re-design of a website for JD Scanlon & Company Solicitors in Tullamore. The old website was not mobile friendly and required pinching and scrolling in order to make the text large enough to read. A fully responsive site was designed and built to be viewed across all device sizes. On the mobile splash page the greets visitors when they first arrive at the site includes important and relevant functionality such as Click to Call, Click to Email and Click for Directions. There is also an option to View the Full Site. The “Full Site” means the site with all it’s content in a manner that is optimised to present well on all devices, be they desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. When viewing the full site on a smartphone an ever present Click to Call button will allow and invite a visitor to call through to the office. To further enhance the mobile experience, an expandable/collapsible menu is available in a suitable size so as to be easily accessed and browsed with the thumb of the visitor.

Fluid Design

Responsive Web design suggests that we design and develope websites to respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on their screen size, platform and orientation of the device. This is achieved through using of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and back end styling that responds to the screen environment it finds itself in. The website should automatically switch to allow for image size and resolution on iPads, Smart Phones and various mobile devices.

Future Proofing Web Design

This approach may well be the answer to the constant clamor to keep up advances in device technology as it would eliminate the need for a different design and development for every new gadget on the market. Below is an example of how our own website makes use of interaction and targeted actions we want site visitors to take, with the use of click to call, click to email buttons on a smartphone. Responsive Web Design with Splash Page

What Google thinks of Responsive Web Design

Because your desktop and mobile content will remain on a single URL, Google’s algorithms will find it easier to assign the indexing properties to your content. Also because Google now takes into account any interaction, sharing and linking to your site, such factors will count as votes for a single site and not get diluted across versions of the site.

Avoid Extra Cost

Mobile Website versionPreviously and still in some cases a different version of a website needs to be created to suit mobile devices. If for example a public service website offered a huge range of information for citizens but also provided some valuable and expected interaction to the user, then a mobile version might be needed. If the interaction was seen as a priority and the database of information as secondary, a mobile version might just show the logo, contact details and interactive items such as: “Pay a Bill”, “Report a Fault” etc, as shown in the example here. Responsive design aims to keep a single version of a website, as said above and now most scenarios are achievable.

Responsive Design Style

Mark Edward Keenan approached us to build a new website for the Keenan Violin Studio at Belmont Mill in Co. Offaly. Mark makes his violins to the patterns of the historical masters Antonio Stradivari and Guiseppe Guaneri Del Gesu and also has a selection of antique violins and cellos for sale. Mark wanted the site to reflect an old style to compliment the history  attached to violin making and the Keenan family heritage as violin makers and yet be conducive to the modern medium that is the internet. Responsive Website Design - Keenan Violin StudioAfter discussion it was agreed that a responsive design would be best to accommodate viewers on both desktop and mobile devices. Mark’s font of choice was Edwardian Script, which can be seen in the site title. The use of text instead of graphics for the logo(site title) area aided the overall plan to create a website that could respond to various device sizes.

Transition to Viewing on Mobile Devices

The transition to viewing this website on a mobile device is seamless and fluid. The title area background, when viewed on a smart phone changes from blue to white and the font type changes to Arial. The reason for this, is that Arial is more legible in a smaller size than Edwardian and the white background then contrasts with the menu area below it.

Click to Call Numbers

The phone numbers in the header area on the smart phone version are clickable for instant dialing. This is a very important feature for any website viewed on a mobile device. Visit the new Keenan Violin Studio Website.