Google Survey Reveals What User Want from Mobile Sites

Easily Convert an Existing Desktop Site to a Mobile Website

If your budget right now does not allow for a full responsive web design build, then our conversion solution will compliment your existing website by making it mobile friendly. Customers can engage using click to call buttons, click for directions etc.

Easy as 1 2 3 to Avoid Google Non-Mobile Friendly Penalties

  1. Agree to allow us to create a demo for you. (demo last for 5 days, plenty of time to make up your mind)
  2. Approve the demo and pay €340*
  3. We will send you the script and instructions that you need to give to your existing website designer.

*  There will be an additional hosting fee of €15 per month by subscription or €160 per year paid in advance. This additional fee is because the mobile site is hosted on a separate server to your existing desktop website. All prices exclude vat charged at 23%.

Be up and running within days for a very small investment with huge return with our mobile website builder. Get a mobile site when you need it, and that is now. Call Us 090 64 06115.

Why does my business need a Mobile Website

The bottom line is this: Your customers are already mobile, therefore your business must be. Over half of all web searches carried out in 2013 will come from mobile devices. If you do not have  a mobile version of your website for smartphone users, they will just move on to your competitors website.

Can I run it by my existing Web Designer, before I commit

Of course you can. In fact, your web designer will be involved. After we create the mobile version we will need to send a redirect script to your existing designer to place in the header section of your site. Just tell your designer, that we are not interested in taking business from them. In the case where you come to us for mobile conversion and wish to stay with your existing web provider, we are just offering you and them a solution that helps smartphone users call you, find you, and buy from you.

How Long Does It Take to get My Site Mobile

It generally takes us 2 – 5 working days to complete your mobile site. Once you give us the go ahead our mobile website building team will commence. Within 2 – 5 working days you will have a mobile site for review and approval. If you are happy with it, we will send then the redirect details to your design company. As soon as they get this script into the header section of your site, you will be live with your brand new mobile website.

How it Works

The Optimum Mobile Website Engine will analyse and optimise your existing desktop site for use on all major devices. It will also update your site as you add new content or implement style changes to your existing site. It will not in any way effect or harm the existing website.

The Mobile Website Engine will perform an analysis of the layout, content, and design of your desktop site and mobilise it, automatically. Plugins and Functionality Buttons will then be added according to your requirements.

A recent survey carried out by Google revealed the 3 most desired actions that users want available on mobile websites are:

  1. Getting a location or opening hours
  2. Click to call the business
  3. Send an email

Most Desired Action - Get Location or Opening Hours2nd Most Desired - Click to Call Button3rd Most Desired - Send an Email

Each time your mobile website is served, the Optimum Mobile Engine (ME) renders the mobile site from scratch. This allows for any changes made to your desktop website to be automatically reflected in your mobile website, eliminating the need for you to mange two versions of the site at once.

Optimised for Over 13,000 Combinations of Handsets & Browsers

The Mobile Engine can detect more than 13,000 combinations of handsets and browsers, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson. No matter how customers access your mobilized site, it will be optimized for their device.

What You Get

The Professional Mobile Website Package includes the following:

1. Automated Content Analysis & Mobile Website Conversion

2. Content & Menu styling

3. Up to 5 Plugin Integrations

4. Phone and Email support 9am – 5pm Mon – Fri


Requirements in addition to the above will be priced separately in a custom quote. Once we have gathered your requirements and had time to review, we can provide a definitive quote for the work. However we do find that in general there are no further requirements.