Midland Angling

The website midlandangling.com began as an idea early in 2010. Increased queries and requests for information on fishing competitions, fishing reports, indeed all things fishing led Mick Flanagan of Midland Angling to approach us in relation to providing this information from a website.

Genuine Content

Mick wanted to start with reports and competition dates from the midlands and knew that he could manage to supply reports on a weekly basis. This, he was sure of because he already wrote a weekly fishing column for the Topic Group of newsapers in the midlands, a monthly feature in the Irish Angler (Ireland’s top angling magazine) as well as a weekly column in the Sunday World. Here Optimum recognised that Mick had something genuine to offer to visitors and just as important, would be capable of delivering it.

Scalable Plan

Mick felt that there was no other angling website offering regional updates on a regular basis and that there might also be a gap in the market for a more nationwide approach. We identified that if there was to be a national theme to the site that there would be a consideral amount of additional time required to run the site. So it was decided to make the midland reports the solid foundation where visitors could learn to trust that regular updates, would arrive on the site, by the same day (wednesday) each week. This trust has resulted in a very steady increase in visitors and offering of additional national information.

Optimum’s Role

Optimum felt that this was a very worthwhile project that would provide genuine information, would give value to visitors, be updated regularly and had the potential to grow steadily. To cover the cost of the additional work that would be required to expand and maintain the site to a level that could incorporate the national information, we suggest the inclusion of advertising areas on the site. This has been successful in helping to cover the running costs of the site. Display type banner and button ads with full backend management, statistics and automatic end dates, future scheduling etc. made this an easy to run option. Search engine optimisation has also been carried out and continues to be.

We wish Midland Angling well and tight lines.