Get High Google Rankings and Save Money

Rank Higher in GoogleSearch Engine Optimisation campaigns normally run for a period of 6 months as it quite often takes at least that amount of time to realise the full benefit and return for your investment. However, sometimes results can be seen earlier than this, depending on the competition that exists between sites competing for the chosen keywords, among other factors.

How long should you do SEO for

We recommend 3 months at the very minimum. As mentioned above there may be reasons why 3 months could make the difference you are looking for. Take the example of where your site could be ranking reasonably well, and you may just require a top-up. If you are considering SEO and would like to know more call us on 087 9252526 or email

Organic SEO

Organic or Natural Listing in GoogleWhat we would be carrying out here is known as organic or natural SEO. This is where you invest your money in having your website appear in the natural google listings, see the image right. This area of the results page is where google wants relevant results to appear naturally. The other results areas, the right-hand side and top(usually showing 2 or 3 results) are known as the Adwords or Pay Per Click sections. In the case of Pay Per Click, when you stop paying google your ad will disappear.

How long does organic SEO last

The position that your website will appear in, in the organic listings after we carry out SEO should last a long time. The factors that affect it’s longevity are

  • Competing websites carrying out their own SEO and leap frogging your site.
  • Changes in Google algorithms.

In the past, we have seen clients remain in their ideal position without putting further investment into it for a couple of years. This would have been typical for a site that had completed a 6 month campaign in an environment with moderate competition. Again it depends very much on what your competitors are doing and being compliant with google algorithms.

Changes to google algorithms in 2012 changed the landscape of SEO more than any other year previous to it. We have studied these changes and can provide SEO that will comply with these changes to give your website it’s best chance to deliver, for longer.

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