Creating a Facebook Business Page in 5 Easy Steps

Changes to the layout of Facebook fan pages at the end of March 2012 resulted in more confusion for businesses that had made the effort to create fan pages in the previous style. It was the arrival of the Timeline Layout. Additional elements such as the new ‘Message’ feature provided more interactivity and provided better user control over posts and feedback.

This guide describes how to create a business fan page for the timeline layout, with its use of the tabs area included. Firstly type or copy into your address bar in a new tab.

1. Your Classification

Choose from the following classifications.

  • Local business or place
  • Company, organisation or institution
  • Brand or product
  • Artist, band or public figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or community

The objective of choosing a classification is to help you rank for more relevant searches and provide relevant information fields on your page.

Once you have selected a classification you then need to choose a category that best suits what you do. Your category and name cannot be changed after your page has 200 likes, so choose wisely.

2. Setup Basic Information

Upload You Photo

You will be prompted to upload the main photo for your page at this stage. Remember that this photo will appear as your icon every time you comment on a post or appear in news feeds, so it probably should be your business logo. The dimensions of the profile picture you create should be 180px X 180px.

Fill in the About Section and Basic Info

A 2 or 3 sentence description of your business, its physical location, contact details, website, and company overview.

3. The Admin Panel

This is where you can respond to people using your page and quickly see how your page is performing(these insights will only be available after your page has 30 likes), view notifications and make changes to your pages settings and information.

Edit Page

For now however, you will only be interested in setting up your info and build an audience. Because you created the page you will be an administrator, but you can also add other administrators. These might be members of your company or a third party such as Optimum to make changes or create tabs to help create sales leads and improve user experience.

Build Your Audience

Take your time here and move strategically. Make sure that you are happy with all aspects of your page before you start inviting potential fans. It might be a good idea to get some of your current customers, suppliers etc to interact with your new business fan page. You could do this by just asking them. This way when you do invite users, they will see that your new fan page is a “happening place”.

4. Add Content

Cover Photo

The timeline layout has given the chance to present and promote your company services right on the homepage. Previous to this a welcome page had to be created to enable some visual representation of your brand and expertise. The dimensions of of your cover photo should be 851px X 315px. Below is the cover photo created for Optimum’s fan page, remember to leave room i the bottom left corner for where the profile photo will appear. Visit our business fan page.

Cover Photo for Optimum Fan Page

Custom Tabs

You have already created your Profile Photo(logo) and Cover Photo. The third item that can make an impression or stimulate engagement with the user is the Tab. Tabs are located just below your cover photo, so don’t miss the opportunity to be creative, and genuinely serve your business goals by customising these tabs.

Custom Tabs

Customised Facebook Tab for BusinessHere is an example of a customised tab template from Optimum that can be edited by the fanpage owner when the need arises. Templates like this could be used to display deals and offers, these deals would change at intervals and the owner would be able to apply the changes themselves.

To view the sample tab in it’s full size visit the tab by clicking here.

Create Posts

Create posts for product announcements, profiles on happy customers who have recently bought your products or services , and other major events related to your brand.


Messages from fans will appear in the admin panel. If the admin panel is hidden the new message notification will appear in red in the top right hand corner. Top left will show when users like, comment and post on your timeline. Respond to these messages, post and comments to encourage further engagement.

5. Monitor Engagement and Return

In the admin panel, centre bottom you will see the insights section. Click see all.

Fan base and Post Engagement

Look at monthly fan base growth, post engagement, examine which types of posts are most effective at keeping your fans engaged and develope your strategy along these lines.

Talking About

This shows the number of people who have created a story from your posts. Stories are what’s created when someone likes, comments on, or shares your posts, answers a question you posted, or responds to an event you created.