Office Clearout

Optimum designed a new website for, specialists in removing any kind of infrastructure from buildings where the space needs to be vacated or contents need to be moved safely and securely.

Office Clearout Website Design
The Client

Office Clearout

Professional Movers

The professionals when it comes to moving office or commercial premises

The Needs of the Site Owner

Office Clearout request a quick turnaround on a website build to be ready for a fast changing world during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Quick Turnaround Website Solution

John, the website owner explained that he needed to have his new website up and running quickly to meet the demand in an environment where businesses were closing and re-opening due to the changing government restrictions due to the Coronavirus.

We introduced John to our library of Ready To Go websites.

Finding a Suitable Website

We have over 130 prebuilt websites to choose from, but it didn’t take us long to agree on the website that was most suitable for John and his business.

We had an online video call and shortlisted 3 websites. John chose his favourite and then provided the text content while we sourced suitable images for the site.

Website Built in 2 Weeks with Hosting

We immediately setup hosting on our fast web server, ready for the installation of the website. Once the website was installed, we moved quickly to swap out the content on the Ready To Go site with the text provided to us

Responsive Web Design
Choosing Web Design

The Choice of Three Websites

John's Choice

Cleaning Website Template

Option 2

Website Design for Cleaning Services

Option 3

Additional Service Page

Covid 19 Deep Cleaning

Landing Page Design

Optimum was asked to create an additional page some weeks after the initial site build was complete. 

Visit the landing page here